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My work draws inspiration from layers and textures to allow me to connect with nature through spontaneous processes that offer a two-way reactive dialogue. By seeking a balance between chance and control, alongside ideas that embrace beauty in imperfection and the impermanence of nature.

I’m intrigued by the idea that layers found in shadows, weathered surfaces, or reflections in water, can be translated physically or metaphorically. Allowing me to create literal or abstract interpretations of subjects and places. By combining mixed media printmaking techniques such as monoprints, collagraphs and solar plate etchings, with spontaneous processes that echo nature’s evolving character. Using elements that evolve naturally throughout processes that respond to timing, environmental conditions, and media reactions.

Ideas are often explored through light, or time weathered patinas. Using hand-made textures with embossed or etched surfaces and found materials to create some of the character of a place or memory. I enjoy using tactile and immersive processes as they promote a sense of intimacy and connection for me. I turned to printmaking techniques as they helped me to explore these characteristics.

Since gaining a First-Class BA Hons Degree in Design Illustration from the University of Wales in 2001 I have worked on various creative projects. Previously exhibiting and selling artworks and facilitating a small variety of creative workshops for colleges. More recently, after a break to pursue other projects, I’ve returned to developing my work again at my home studio in the beautiful countryside near Llangollen in North Wales.

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